Tuesday, 5 March 2013

* "Navarro's Notes' "Never Forgotten" 10Th Installment: "By The Power Of Grayskull!" *...

He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe. It was and still Is, one of my many favorite childhood memories. I can't even remember how or when I became a fan but it was obviously for me in The 1980s. That was a time where I was a fan of many things from that time period. This was certainly one of them.  Here's what I remember about this awesome franchise, as a kid  growing up In The 80s

* The Action Figures *

Living In Rexdale {West side of Toronto}, going to Albion Mall's Kmart and seeing these incredible figures, I was in heaven! Take a look at some of the figures from this great line:

I still have a few pieces from Modulok! I would have to say this figure was in my top 5 favorite of the entire line.

Castle Grayskull. I had this castle and threw all my He-Man figures in there and carried that thing around like it was a top secret brief case and only I could open It :)

* The Comics That Came With The Action Figures *

Everyone knows, that when you bought an action figure, you would get a cool comic with it. I still have a few in my storage. I looked at them recently, and they are just as great to look at now then before!

* The Slime Pit *

The Evil Horde Slime Pit. This was even cooler to me than Castle Grayskull! I started to lose over the years the pieces, I think that the jar with green slime was the first to go since I think that I left the jar open by accident and the slime dried out. I should have kept It In the fridge. Maybe next time! I would love to see who Is selling this right now. I am going to be on a look out for It. I remember putting this together like an architect. Once I was done, I was ready to drop the slime down on my good guys from He-Man and turn them "Heel"! {Wrestling term for "Bad Guy"}. 

I still have this comic!

What a mess!

* The Action Figure Checklist Poster *

I still have the poster! I had nearly every figure and Castle on this poster. I put In my work to get that close to having them all.

* The Cartoon *

In the 80s, I watched this great cartoon as much as I could. Just for some reason wasn't as memorable to my childhood as the figures. So, If you noticed It's left out of my recent "Never Forgotten" piece on The 1980s you know now why. Regardless, I do remember the opening which Is at the bottom to end off this Installment.


* The Movie *

Masters Of The Universe The Motion Picture. I went to Albion Mall's movie theater to see this cool little movie. I saw It again a few years ago, It still Is entertaining to me. Thankfully, He-Man Is around today. But In an updated version mind you.


* The He-Man, I remember will Never Be Forgotten.*


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