Tuesday, 29 January 2013

* "Navarro's Notes' "Never Forgotten" 5Th Installment: Nintendo {NES} *

As a Christmas gift in December 1990, I was given my first original Nintendo Entertainment System. Needless to say, the rest of the winter of 1990 into February 1991 was endless playing and trying to master the games that came with the system. It was one of the few things that connected me and my sisters together. I was instantly hooked and I never looked back. Forever, NES was and is apart of my life. Hell, I actually missed the damn thing!

I was lucky because I got the system that had everything. It was called  the "Action Set". You had the choice of getting what was the better system to get or you can get the normal set with two controllers as seen below.

Of course, there was other equipment that came along that I eventually got also such as NES Max & the cheaters of all cheaters equipment that helped to get ahead in every game using a code book: The Game Genie.

Here are some of my favorite games that I enjoyed the most and was a proud owner of. 
Take a look at them:


Those are the games that I enjoyed the most. Recently, just before this past Christmas, I was able to track down the original system complete with all it's accessories as shown above. I purchased the game that comes with it before getting the system. Which as you all know, is Super Mario Bros. & Duck Hunt. I knew that I would soon follow with the purchase of the system its self. So I went ahead and did a littler foreshadowing.

After, purchasing the game, then the system, I went on to quickly starting to build back my collection of games such as Super Mario Bros. 3 & just a few days ago, Captain Skyhawk. The collection is slowly making it's way back into my life and I couldn't be happier :) In my heart, it will always be there for me to relieve some stress and take a stroll down memory lane. But, most of all:

* The Original NES will never be forgotten!!! *


* Until Next Time, Check Back For More *