Monday, 12 December 2011

* Welcome To "Navarro's Notes" The Public Notes of JN Enterprises & TFE Founder/Owner James Navarro *

Welcome everyone to The official "Navarro's Notes" of yours truly, James Navarro.

I am The Founder & Owner of JN Enterprises which is the parent company of TFE {The Franchise Entertainment}.

Here you will find some of the notes that come across my desk as I take my company to the heights of success.

So I will be sharing in the meantime some of the interesting things that I have noticed, jotted down in my notes and with an occasional opinion or two thrown in there with a mix of an article as well.

Can't forget, I may rant in the form of dropping a bit of insight into my world and the way that I view how business in Entertainment, Sports & everything in general should be done as I see it.

Hope you enjoy!