Tuesday, 26 February 2013

* "Navarro's Notes' "Never Forgotten" 9Th Installment: "Bundy-Mania!"*

Man, when I think of Wrestling in The 80's and all the larger than life characters, one name really stands out: King Kong Bundy. He was billed as "The Walking Condominium" in the WWF and was one of the company's top drawing heels.

There are many things that stand out for me when I remember King Kong Bundy. It's not his time in WCCW, or his return to the WWF in 1994, his time in Memphis or Mid-South. What I remember the most is though: 

His 1st 9 second defeat of S.D. Jones at the very 1st WWF Wrestlemania.

His WWF Wrestlemania II Main Event World Title Steel Cage VS. Hulk Hogan.

His body slamming of Little Beaver at WWF Wrestlemania III.

His tag team with Big John Studd and with Manager Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

His appearance on "Married With...Children" also stands out. 

Oh, can't forget his WWF LJN action figures

"Avalanche" finisher 

& his "five count".

Bundy Is Alive & Well. You Can Follow Him Here On Twitter. Don't Forget When You Tweet Him, Make Sure To Put This: #Five 


Let's Remember, That He Will Never Be Forgotten*


* Until Next Time, Check Back For More *