Tuesday, 26 March 2013

* "Navarro's Notes' "Never Forgotten" 13Th Installment: A Canadian Wrestling Classic: *

Growing up as a Wrestling fan in The 1980s, I had many chances to watch and take in a lot of different programming. Of course there was WWF and there extensive programming and there was some of the other companies surrounding them. But one thing that I was always greatful for as a fan was to be prone to TSN's "Pro Wrestling Plus" Hosted by Ed Whalen here in Toronto.

The show carried many matches from various territories such as The NWA, AWA, Stampede Wrestling, Montreal's IWA, UWF & more. It was from there that I was hooked on the goings on with the other companies and to me were just as enjoyable and entertaining as the Fed. During the late 1980s when this show aired, I was glued to the set absorbing as much as possible from the show including Ed's answering fan mail

I remember him addressing at least it seemed every show, the question of why was WWF not apart of the show and showcasing some of there matches on the program. It didn't matter to me, because this show despite working with the other big territories at the time, was an independent non-WWF owned show and that for many reasons made this iconic show so much apart of my growing up and being a Wrestling fan.

Speaking of Ed addressing subjects, here he offers some advice to would be Wrestlers who wrote in. He explains the truth about Pro Wrestling. I never forgot this segment even until this day and was happy that I found the exact same clip. Have a look:

It's a shame now that most of the footage that aired on the show is now owned by the company that never wanted to participate in the show: WWF.

It would have been great to see the 2 years on some sort of official DVD compilation. Especially before the unfortunate passing of Ed. It would have been great to see him even host it. Wishful thinking but hey...

* Ed & Pro Wrestling Plus will Never be Forgotten *

Pro Wrestling Plus Intro

Oh, and before leaving, don't forget Ed's famous catchphrases during his broadcasts for Stampede Wrestling & Pro Wrestling Plus which added a bit of familiarity for all Canadian Wrestling fans: "In the meantime and in-between time.", "Malfunction at the junction" & "Ring-a-ding-dong dandy". Until this day, when I hear those phrases, I still say: "Whoa, Nellie!" - JN

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