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* "Navarro's Notes" II: Action Figures, Radio, GPK & So Much, Much More! *

Unique Action Figures, Radio, Garbage Pail Kids & More!

Let's not waste time! Let's get into it! "Navarro's Notes" 2nd installment. I have here some interesting notes going here including a note on action figures that I found online including the one above.

* Unique Action Figures * 

I found some really unique but very, very cool action figures from some of my favorite Horror movies, TV Shows & from Pop Culture. I may sound like a kid right now, but who gives a damn, these figures are awesome!!!










While I do my work on the computer I like to listen to some entertaining Radio shows. So while I work, I listen to the following which are my favorite. Have a look:

"The King of All Media" Howard Stern. I am always entertained listening to the show, it's actually very easy listening and always makes me laugh. If your not a fan, then to each is own, but there is a reason why he is a legendary figure in show business: he is real.

His "Wack Pack" are crazy as shit, his callers are just as crazy, the banter between him & his co-host Robin Quivers is totally hysterical but yet very naturally entertaining. Of course, you can't forget Fred Norris & "Baba Booey" Gary Dell'Abate both of whom are the backbone of the show.

The Howard Stern Show will keep you on it's toes as no show is ever the same. There are many reasons, too many to list here why this iconic show has been around for so long and will always be relevant.

I have been listening and watching Howard for the last 16 years off and on, recently the last year especially I have caught up a lot, and have had a blast with The Howard Stern Show. Give him and and his crew a listen, you won't regret it!

"Jack E. Jones" & "One Inch Biceps" are two of the most entertaining Internet radio show hosts going right now. I love there laid back conversational but informative style. When I first listened to them, it was nearly four years ago, I was hooked. The show makes doing my work and passing the time so easy listening to them. They had me rolling with laughter and interested in hearing more. There callers are entertaining as well. They are also not afraid to speak there minds. 

They talk Wrestling, but they sometimes go off the page and talk about everything but they stick to Wrestling for the most part. They have talked to the Wrestling stars of the past, present and future. When they wanna talk about another passion of there's {and mine}, I just listen to there 2nd show and my next favorite...

Taking the form of there alternate names of "Nasty" Neal & "Jittery" John, the boys are joined by "The Flea" {on IYH} aka "Terrible" Troy {Neal's brother}. This show was straight up my alley, as I am a huge Horror fan. Naturally, I took to this show like a fish to water. When I first started listening in 2008, I was clamoring for more.

The boys use there same laid back approach covering anything Horror. They also go off the page and talk about other things, but again, still keep it to Horror as much as possible. They having me entertained, laughing, thoroughly entertained and totally interested in all things Horror. There guests are great too and have interviewed the whose who of the Horror genre. Check them out, two incredibly successful online shows, you can listen to one or listen to the other. Fortunately, for me, I am a huge fan of both, so it's a win-win for me!

With hosts John Pollock & Wai Ting, these two are a great combo. Wai is laid back and Pollock is an even keel individual. They play well off of each other, especially when they are reviewing past events in Wrestling or anything Wrestling related.

Like all the other shows listed above, this one is entertaining and has me laughing a lot too. The great thing about this show, is that both hosts are informed with the details of each event or movie related in front and behind the camera. They would have a interview tied into the show's review as well, so they mix it up. Who I find particularly funny is Wai, you just have to listen to some of his witty responses. That is worth the time alone!

* That's it for my favorite Radio shows - I am always listening for more! *


Garbage Pail Kids is one of the few totally positive memories from my early childhood years. I have tons of fond memories of the games we played in order to gain valuable GPK's from each other.  

"The Flick Game" for example, was a game where two or more people would play each other. The game would start with a flip of the coin of sorts. The person{s} would flick one card down across the ground, the other would try to get there card past the previous person's card. Keep in mind no cards are to be touched til this first process is over.

Now if that person {s} got there card past the previous person {s} then they would go second in the actual game. If your card came up short and landed behind there card, then you would have to go first. The key was to always try to get your card past the already dropped card. The advantage was to go 2nd in the actual game. This is just the process to see who goes first and who goes second.

So onto the actual game. You do the same now but this time it's like playing dice, but you "flick" your card as was the case in the who goes first process. Now, the person that came up short in the process now starts the actual high stakes GPK game. Similar to a dice game, you play for money, in "The Flick Game" you play for the ownership of your opponents valuable GPK cards.

Person that came up short in the who goes first process, "flicks" there card on the ground. Card is left there. Next person{s} "flicks" there card in the same direction. Comes up past there opponents card, boom! You just won your opponent's card! You can like a dice game, wipe out your opponents valuables.

Like I said, not monies in this case, but there valuable and well time spent collected GPK cards. If the person that went second "flicks" there card comes up short with there turn, then the person that went first wins your card. It's a game of measuring, distance and patients.

It's fun, we created it in the hood that I grew up in {Rexdale, Ontario, Canada}and we have had good times playing this entertaining and simple game. Of course, there was controversies, judgement calls, even judges {bystanders, yes we had other people there, even small crowds}, even had draws in the game. It got heated but it was more harmless fun. It was apart of our life as Garbage Pail Kid card collectors.

That game was in the 80's for me. Now the GPK legacy still continues. There is many versions of what use to be but it will always be apart of my life and the kid that is apart of my past. I love GPK's and will always have a little collection. To me they were cool and even anti-Cabbage Patch Kids which girls loved...LOL. GPK's were always cool to look at too!

They are funny and have great artwork. They were and still are "gross" but hey, they were meant to be parodies of life and pop culture. Here I offer some cool memorable images of some of the cards that I have come across that entered my hands or I always wanted to have. 

Enjoy! Oh by the way, there was a movie entitled: "The Garbage Pail Kids Movie" it was not very good box office wise, but as a fan, I was still somewhat entertained. What can you do, it was in the late 80's...LOL. Here are the images of some of my favorite GPK cards & comics on the back of a select few: 

* Garbage Pail Kids - Always & Forever *


This first of "Navarro's Notes'" "Comedy Corner" features one of comedy's rising superstars: Maz Jobrani.

You may recognize him from Ice Cube's "Friday After Next" as the hilarious "Moly" the owner of "Holy Moly's Donut Shop" & the property manager of the mall that Cube & Mike Epps' characters do security for. 

He has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows including going on tour with his "Axis Of Evil" Comedy group. 

In my opinion, he is one of the funniest comedians that I have ever had the pleasure of watching. He touches on a number of topics such as racism, Muslim-Americans, Iranian Americans and more. He reminds me of Brampton, Ontario, Canada's own East Indian comedian, Russell Peters. Maz is my choice for the first "Navarro's Notes'" "Comedy Conquerors". He is conquering the World of comedy one show at a time!

Below are a number of clips of Maz's brand of stand-up comedy. If you don't laugh at his subject matter, then your not from this planet...LOL. Here are the first few clips I found online from The Laugh Factory's official YouTube channel, TEDTalks official YouTube channel & more.

* Have fun watching these clips of Maz! *


* For More Maz Jobrani, please check out his official website here: http://www.mazjobrani.com/ *


 * The Winklevoss Twins & Divya Narendra * 

The Winklevoss Twins & Divya Narendra. A lot has been said about these three men. In particular, the controversy of Facebook and Founder Mark Zuckerberg and who created the popular social networking site. 

ConnectU was a social networking site that the twins and Divya had started back in December 2002 and launched on May 21st 2004. They had thought that they had the young Zuckerberg on there side doing all the coding and programming. They were wrong. As seen in the smash hit bio pic of Facebook, The Social Network, this effectively creating the split with them and Zuckerberg after much bandying about, back and forth and misleading in the claims of the book, the movie, the media reports. 

They have seen all been to court of the creation of this monster of a social networking site and the twins and Divya gained some credibility {and a large sum of money} in there battle with Mark and Facebook.

One glaring problem for the twins and there partner became apparent during the exchanges with Mark and then the ultimate battle in court with Zuckerberg: Facebook exploded leaving ConnectU in the dust. It went from "thefacebook" to "facebook", the simple re-branded name change and off to the races Mark & Facebook went.

Mark Zuckerberg and his creation became a Worldwide phenomenon. It's on it's way to a IPO on the stock market and is has a multi-billion dollar value. Generating at least over $3 billion dollars a year starting from 2011. With the IPO on it's way, the twins and Divya stand to take a nice little cut of the pie, according to this Economic Times article from February of this year: 

Facebook enemy Divya Narendra sets new 'mark' as IPO looms

Pop culture wise, Facebook spawned a number of things in the media that has entertained and created much controversy including the previously mentioned The Social Network movie based off the book. 

It even prompted Zuckerberg to be on the same stage with the man that played him in the movie, that he actually didn't approve of on Saturday Night Live, appearing with Jesse Eisenberg. But really, nothing has fazed Mark in his rise to the top of the ultimate Social networking pop culture machine, Facebook.

Now the question that people wonder when it comes to this subject, is what happened with The Winklevoss Twins & Divya Narendra? What have they been up to? Are they just suing and nothing but? Well, no, not exactly they have been keeping busy. 

I personally, wish the best in all that they do, and perhaps start there own competitive Social networking site and perhaps have a healthy battle of supremacy against there former friend and let the public decide on whose social networking platform is better. The three gentlemen certainly have the resources, the knowledge and the funding to make something happen. 

Right now, they are actually on Facebook & Facebook's rival Twitter. Perhaps, they are sticking it in the faces of Facebook and even Twitter, that they are a thorn in the side of these networks or even plotting and planning there next move. Sometimes, people that are apart of the current revolutions, blend in, in order to eventually stand out from the rest and takeover. I wouldn't bet against it!

* For More On The Winklevoss Twins: Cameron & Tyler Go Here  & Here & For More On Divya Narendra Go Here *


I am a huge Boxing fan. "The Sweet Science" as it's affectionately known, has always been apart of my life having grown up with all the greats: Ali, Frazier, both Sugar Rays, Tyson, Foreman, Holyfield, etc. Boxing was one of the hottest sports period. Now as I am much older, I understand the business side a lot more. That is why I am putting this note down, Boxing needs a huge resurgence. 

Manny Pacquiao VS. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is the only major draw left in the Boxing industry. It's been talked about for so long, that now it's starting to look a bit more promising, but yet feels like it will never happen. When it you look at that statement though, and the first one made about it being the ONLY major draw fight left, that is not saying much for the current state of the industry.

Don't get me wrong, Boxing has no shortage of colorful and interesting promoters such as the legendary Don King & Bob Arum. No shortage of colorful fighters such as Pacquiao & Mayweather. There is also:

* The Klitschko Brothers *

* Zab Judah *

* Shane Mosley* 

* Miguel Cotto*

* Antonio Margarito* 

* Juan Manuel Marquez*

* Victor Ortiz*

* Roy Jones, Jr.* 

 * Bernard Hopkins*

* Felix Trinidad *

Okay, I think that you get the point. There is no shortage of top talent. Perhaps there is not enough top promotions to promote these great fighters.

Is the problem sponsorships or merchandise sales? No, I don't think so. They are okay there. Is it the lack of interest in the prime time specials such as HBO's 24/7? No. I don't think it's that either.

The problem is for one, the fighters mentioned above are starting to get older especially as they are being unchallenged. Boxing can does not turn out as many new stars as say Mixed Martial Arts or Wrestling. Perhaps have developmental territories for up and coming prospects. That, in my opinion would certainly help to bring a fresh and younger approach to the game. But there is one glaring problem: MMA VS. Boxing.

Boxing has to not only reinvent itself, rebrand, but also do a lot of embracing. I don't mean hugging each other either. I don't mean hugging the block either. I mean embracing that MMA is a bigger drawing attraction then Boxing right now and has been for a very long time. 

While Boxing still draws a number of purists and there regular fans in, with the exception of those that see a "Money" Mayweather or a "Pacman" Pacquiao, those younger fans are not being drawn to "The Sweet Science". They are being drawn to the sport of Mixed Martial Arts instead. MMA is pop culture right now, in particular, The UFC. So more accurately, it's UFC VS. Boxing

Boxing, in my opinion has to do a few things to get back into top status as a major player in combat sports again. Number one, they have to dress up the presentation and the production values with a very 2012 - 2013/beyond feel perhaps even set a trend or two in production so that The UFC & Wrestling can take notice. Two, take Boxing to a network that would not normally support Boxing or ever has, such as NBC Sports or ABC to do prime time specials, lead in shows and live events. Three, brand the fighters better, start a line of action figures, t-shirts, magazines, state of the art video game, etc. In the course of rebranding, clearly define the divisions, the weight classes and all the championships. Perhaps cut back on a few and have a few defined councils.

Make Boxing cool again. Show, UFC & MMA and remind MMA why they have incorporated Boxing into Mixed Martial Arts, because it's a brutal, tough and competitive sport not only combat wise but financially as well. Make everyone take notice again. High profile BOXING matches, top of the line build ups and overall simple marketing. 

Boxing is still highly successful in TV ratings and Pay-Per-Views, but eventually more and more people are going to stop putting there hard earned money down to watch Boxing and take there dollar to UFC/MMA, or someone else altogether. 

Boxing needs to take care of it's own backyard before criticizing the sport of MMA. I have provided three simple moves in order to start somewhere and take the eyes of the fans of combat sports, turn them to focus on them again and truly take top spot as the number one sport once more.

As a life long fan of Boxing, I am rooting for what is now the underdog, which this time is Boxing. The once mighty sport can prevail once again at the top of combat sports. They just simply have to EMBRACE the competition, reinvent there own sport and then watch the business flourish once again. They have knocked out the competition before, they can certainly do it again.

* Boxing will stand alone once more as a dominant and thriving sport again *


Tupac, Biggie & Jam Master Jay 

17 Years for Tupac, 16 Years for Biggie & 11 Years for Jam Master Jay since there untimely passings and...... 




 * Until Next Time Everyone!!! *