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* The 1st Installment Of "Navarro's Notes": WWE Wrestlemania 28, Horror Movies, BMF Wallets & More! *

* Welcome Everyone To The 1st Installment Of  
 "Navarro's Notes" *

Let's not waste anytime, there is a lot to get to, enjoy!

* From My Desk *:

* WWE Wrestlemania 28 Booking: *

    So as a fan of WWE's premier event, I have seen so far where Mania is going in terms of the booking thus far and which matches are going to be on display at "the showcase of the immortals" and my quick thoughts:

    * WWE Wrestlemania 28: 
    Potential Mania Card

    The Main Event: 
    The Rock VS. John Cena

    Unless "The Fed" wants a riot in Rock's hometown, he goes over now but puts Cena over on a TBD ppv perhaps even the following Mania barring that this match up's buy rates, revenue, mainstream buzz is more than what they expected and can duplicate it for a 2nd matchup.

    This match should be where finally Cena turns heel once and for all perhaps attacking Rock after Rock's victory doing two things: Rock's fans are happy and Cena's "Rise above the hate" campaign is then simply "Embrace the hate".

    Which will also be the motivation for Rock to want to face Cena a 2nd time.As seen lately, Rock has gotten the better of Cena over the last year or so and it can be chalked up to Cena was too "goody goody" but with this 2nd matchup pending, Cena is the attacker and Rock is the victim.

    This is amongst a few reasons as to why Rock going over on Cena happens now and sets up another big pay off for another huge ppv hopefully with Cena as the full fledged "Heel".

    2. Streak VS. Career
     The Undertaker VS. "The Game" Triple H: III
    HBK Special Referee

    I tweeted this last year where I said no matter who Taker faces he goes 20-0 and the streak is intact in which this maybe Taker's last match ever, the following year he is inducted into The WWE Hall Of Fame. Now so far, unless WWE changes their minds once again on how they are right now doing the current build up to this matchup, Taker will STILL go 20-0 over Hunter BUT be back the following Mania perhaps against Cena {barring they don't do Rock VS. Cena II}, Brock Lesnar, Mick Foley {as Cactus Jack}, Goldberg or even Sting {If infact, hell has frozen over and he finally signs with "The Fed"}.

    Now having said that, I understand where they are going with the current events of this match up, Taker is obsessed with wanting Hunter in the ring again at Mania because of how Hunter nearly ended the streak, left everyone with the impression {and visual} that he left Taker to crawl out looking like more of a loser than winner, I get this.

    What I don't get is that it should be Hunter wanting Taker as bad, not the pat on the shoulder and walk out which is how they started this angle. WWE could have held off on CM Punk VS. Triple H for a bigger event, then have Hunter lose because he is side tracked with the thought of wanting Taker, keep CM strong by having gone over on Hunter but a distracted Hunter who still brings his A game to put over CM, then have Hunter say he was off despite bringing his A game {no pun intended}because he wants revenge on Taker and wants to end this streak, it's also the cause of his power tripping and running amok on Raw as whatever title they gave him in the company storyline.

    Have now Hunter sit a room staring at a picture or pictures much like a "Dexter" scene where he lines up victims of his table -soon-to-be-killed focus' crimes. Have Hunter intense as can be and in a trans like, watching videos of his previous matches with Taker from Manias gone by and at one point take his trusty sledgehammer and throw it at or smash the TV and not say a word {"The Cerebral Assassin" gimmick in full motion here}and run out of the room.

    Run these vignettes of both men training for this matchup with both having a serious vested interest and one night on Raw they face off to ensure the audience knows what there individual intentions are. Taker's streak - Hunter's career {Hunter taken off TV in the event of the loss to Taker as a in-ring performer so that he can concentrate fully on his real life WWE behind the camera career}.

    To keep up with Hunter's on-camera persona, introduce that his real life friend WWE Hall Of Famer "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels as the special referee. This is a flexing of Hunter's on-air power to inforce his own referee to his own feature match.

    This alone has huge implications, with Taker ending HBK's career, there previous past before the Mania classics, HBK & Hunter's real life friendship and there past in-ring etc. - So if in closing on this re-re-re matchup you want this to be a draw you have to book this solid and do this right in order to draw the interest and the desired result.

     3. WWE Championship Match: 
    CM Punk {Champion} VS. Chris Jericho {Challenger}

    Mr. "Pipe bomb" & Mr. "The World Will End" I think will be the match of the night if there timing in the ring can be solid, perfect match maybe not but not impossible. This match alone should be a promo classic. Although, the census is that this build needs to seriously take off, with just that: promos.

    Jericho returned to the company and stayed silent for some weeks then before the Rumble spoke. Already, the return fell flat because of where they went instead of where they should have gone. I got the entire return and the silence, but Jericho should have stayed silent the entire time not say a word, almost a creepy face that returned for supremacy which is the title belt.

    His target: "The Straight Edged Superstar" CM Punk. Punk's character has been botched a bit too much over the last few months since his classic Raw promo that catapulted this man into a Austin like popularity. This match can lead to like a return to that popularity and have two major things happen: CM is THEE top star in the business period. But the money is in the chase so I expect that Jericho becomes World champion here over Punk in some nefarious ways and Punk chases Jericho the diabolical dastardly heel unstoppable champion.

    Simple booking and a shelf life payoff. I say that because usually and more accurately, historically, WWE is in Mania re-match lull mode following Mania. To break this lull for once, you keep these two apart and have them in each others cross hairs while facing other big obstacles but keep them tied together. There in ring work will do the rest aside from the hopeful promos both for Mania and the subsequent rematches.

    4. WWE World Heavyweight Championship: 
    Dan iel Bryan {Champion} VS. Sheamus


    It's crazy that this match that was suppose to be last year for Mania 27 for The WWE U.S. Title may now be this year's dark horse match for Bryan's WWE World Title. They bumped this match from the card last year but this year I don't see them bumping it this year as this is going to be a great pure wrestling match as I am personally a fan of both and I think they will put on a truly entertaining match. I do see Bryan however losing the title to Sheamus this year's Rumble winner with Sheamus being the dominant champion.

    Now from a booking perspective though, it would make some sense to have the title remain on Bryan as he squeaks out the win in a very Flair like way. WWE is behind Sheamus again and we will see how they want to keep him there as there next big crossover star or really make a major star heel with Bryan.

    So I say a lot of strong booking is in order to help do a double strong push for both with this match. But give them both some promo time to also talk some people into the seats and garner some extra buys with strong mic work. This is every Indy worker's dream is to cut a promo on why they should be at Mania and why you should watch them at Mania. This is these two stars chance to show what they can do on the mic work in order to bring attention to there match with all the hype already surrounding Mania.

     5. The Big Show VS. Shaq

    The obvious celebrity involvement here being that Shaquille O'Neal was with The Miami Heat for a few years and of course one of the more visible and known celebrities. I am not expecting nothing more than some big coverage for this match up of monsters.

    Show will have to carry big Shaq for this one unless Shaq shows up ready to wrestle much like Karl Malone did back in 98' for his big tag match with Dallas Page when they faced Hulk Hogan & Dennis Rodman in WCW.

    I don't see this more than a one off big crossover mass appeal match which will certainly add a few more buy rates but not going past Mania. I think Show should win this one, unless they want to keep Show's not so great Mania record going and give this feature attraction match to Shaq for the pub.

    6. WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: 
    Cody Rhodes {Champion} VS. Goldust {Dustin Rhodes} {Challenger}

    The brothers going against each other tells a already built-in story. Goldust has been pushing for this match for this year's Mania for sometime.Cody should go over in this match up with these two given enough time to tell the story that Dust wants the belt so badly that he would face his own brother in order to garner the title that he cherished when first held it some years ago. 

    Cody being the upstart new breed of Rhodes, not being the freak but being a fighting champion with something to prove so he wants to face even his own brother in order to establish himself as such.I then see Dust saying he is still passionate for THAT title and the feud continues with eventually these two trading the title for the spring/early summer.

    This feud can help to establish Dust putting over his brother thus establishing a new star and Dust being solidified as a true star maker and WWE Legendary character, both men ending the program on a high note.

    7. WWE Divas Championship: 
    Beth Phoenix {Champion} VS. Karma {Challenger}

    The way to go is this match. The future of WWE Women's Wrestling starts and ends here with these two great female athletes. Karma seems to be back ready to go and restart the push she was starting to get before she left on hiatus to her baby.

    I see this feud continuing after Mania hopeful of them even making this match to begin with but again this is where I would go with Mania and what's being established right now. Kharma goes over and Beth chases with Kharma being the monster heel she was in TNA. These two trade the title through the spring/summer.

    Hopefully by that time, WWE takes Women's Wrestling more serious and establish some new stars in the division to challenge these two.

    Natalya's current farting gimmick is a career killer and an example of WWE's lack of concern for anything to do with the Diva's division. I say that if they take that off her and let her be herself then she could contend right there with Beth & Kharma. Those to start are your 3 corner posts for the hopeful new Diva's division.

    8. Money In The Bank Ladder Match

    God willing this match is returned as simply an extra attraction to Mania every year and not as a pay-per-view event anymore as right now it looks like WWE has 2 open spots to be determined for there ppv schedule for this year. I would put Mick Foley, Dolph Ziggler, Kane, Mark Henry, Randy Orton, WWE U.S. Champion Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio & Christian in this match.

    Now as far as Foley is concerned I actually have him being the last man left in the ring with Ziggler in a possible 20 Man Battle Royal to start the show even. But that is only if there is a interest in "The Fed" to have the card containing another feature attraction on the pay-per-view which I think they should have the battle royal but if your going to, have it on the ppv especially if Foley is in it, if not then still have it but leave Foley in the Money In The Bank match.

    Real quick though, if there is the battle royal Foley & Ziggler are the last ones in the ring and Ziggler wins the match by throwing out Foley. Foley helps to make a big star to start the show but can also still put him over through the bank match.

    Otherwise, I think Christian should win the bank match for many reasons including his potential spot of inducting Edge into The WWE Hall Of Fame and most importantly Christian is too damn talented to not give him the chance to regain The World Title again and let him run with it this time.Which also sets up a new visual with Christian holding the briefcase.

    * Those are my notes on Mania 28 - Let's see what WWE does! *


    * Brief Notes *

    * John Cena *
    Heel Turn Coming?

    If you read above with my notes on WWE Wrestlemania 28 you can see that Cena's heel turn if finally the forward thinking for his character happens at that event, it should happen then real soon. WWE has somewhat started with the campaign and themselves are "Embracing The Hate".

    If Cena turns at Mania or anytime soon it will do wonders for Cena's character which has been stale for some time and it will in turn do wonders for business as you can drive home the campaign that started a number of years ago in terms of the fans eyes in what they think of him as a performer on TV.

    It looks like Cena can be the industry's biggest full fledged heel if this is done right. He is a great charismatic performer but WWE's mistakes with him ring true too often with him on TV & PPV. Financially having his turn come now can be a strong run for the dividends that it proved successful for the Austin heel face back in 96'-97'.

    This all begs the question: Does WWE have the best interest of Cena's future,character & there own bottom line in mind?

    Time will tell.


    * The Undertaker *
    The Future Of "The Deadman

    The Undertaker goes 20-0 this year at Mania 28 and then next year WWE Hall Of Fame. End of story! Or least that's what I would do in terms of handling WWE's greatest creation ever.

    His one match per year is deserved and earned. He can be a Mania feature attraction as he is now and this new schedule can perhaps be the next aura added to Taker now aside from the streak but I see him calling it a career after this Mania is done.

    Streak intact, legend intact & legacy untouched.


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    In the meantime, UjENA Network & even Model Turf are knocking on there door for the right to call themselves the top Modeling site on the internet today.

    With more sites popping up, the chances are great that if MM does not expand there reach to agencies and the list of whom can not join the site, then there will be a site such as the ones above that will accept everyone and surpass MM. Hey, it's happened to many sites in the past.

    Lack of forward thinking, gets the best of everyone, every time. Just look at Desi-Planet.Com


    Now as you can see there isn't anything about Desi-Planet. With the exception of the link that I provided above. Model Mayhem, forward thinking and planning for the future will help your website maintain it's dominance for years to come. Think about it.

    I am a total fan of "The King Of All Media". I make the time to listen to his show as much as possible. He tells it like it is and he is intolerant of phoniness. So naturally, he recently announced that he is going to be the next judge for America's Got Talent.

    I am excited to see what comes of this as it will definitely spruce the ratings and the bottom line for the show. The feedback of him being on the show went from negative to positive.

    In closing, Howard is the BEST choice for the position. Watch him shine on AGT. 
    Congratulations to "The King of All Media"!


    * See It To Believe It *


    I found about BMF Wallets some years ago and thought damn this is some cool shit. It's endorsed by the man himself "Jules" Samuel Jackson too.

    I am getting myself one of these as this is also a piece of one of my favorite movies "Pulp Fiction". The scene alone where this originated made me a fan of the movie and now this bad ass wallet!



    * My Top 10 Favorite Horror Movies Of All Time *

    I am usually not a big fan of top anything kind of lists but I figured I would get this one out of my system. I am a huge Horror movie fan especially a fan of the following movies and there subsequent franchises. I compiled my top 10 favorite Horror movies right here. 

    You can see that the Horror influence as you continue to check back for more here at "Navarro's Notes". I grew up from the time I was a little guy watching Horror movies and always loved the macabre and scary. I am a particularly a huge fan of a Horror movie that is based on true events so you can only guess before viewing my list which movies are based on reality and why they are on my list. 

    Horror movies, it's a lost form of movie cinema, the Horror genre doesn't get enough credit for not only making us scared shit less but for creating a release to  for the audience to engage in all kinds of debauchery, chaos loving the movie maniacs of these films including obtaining anything merchandise and memorabilia pertaining to our there favorite Horror movies.

    For the people that create the genre and keep it going, it's a way to live childhood memories growing up with Horror, and artistically release energy in the form of creative expression. These are amongst a few reasons why the genre insiders do what they do to entertain us.

    But enough of the chatter, this is a quick note not a lecture...LOL. Here it is, my list, enjoy!

    * James Navarro's Top 10 Favorite Horror Movies Of All Time: *

    1. The Exorcist {1973}



      3. Halloween {1978}


        4. The Shining {1980}


      9. Psycho {1960}

      10. The Horror Show {1989} {aka House 3} 


      * Final Note *

      * Wacky Packs

      Topps called them Wacky Packages, but growing up myself & everyone I knew that loved these stickers called them Wacky Packs.

      Today they are still around in some form, you can seek them out in certain card shops especially ones that sell vintage collectibles such as these sticker cards, trading cards and what not. I saw them here in Toronto at a friend's comic book shop. Glad to see they are still around and doing well.

      I have enclosed a few pictures of some of the fun sticker cards you get inside. Enjoy and bye for now everyone, til next time signing off from "Navarro's Notes" 1st set of notes!!!


      * Until Next Time Everyone, Check Back For More *