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~~~ The 40Th Anniversary of The Scariest Movie of All Time: "The Exorcist" ~~~
“What An Excellent Day For An Exorcism”.

40 Years ago today, fear was born: On December 26Th 1973, the greatest & scariest Horror movie ever made, "The Exorcist" was unleashed to the World.

A timeless classic celebrates it's 40Th Anniversary today. Happy Anniversary to the cast & crew of the movie that shook the World.

Thank you for leaving an ever lasting impression on all of us that celebrate this masterpiece.

~ James/TFE ~

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

* "Navarro's Notes" III: Classic 80's Ninja Movie, Childhood Classic & More! *

My Favorite 80's Ninja Movie, A Childhood Favorite & More!

Hello again everyone! As I dig through my notes, I decided I wanted to post up some notes about some more fun stuff that I have always loved. So without hesitation, let's begin! enjoy!

* My Favorite 80's Ninja Movie: "Revenge Of The Ninja" * 

"Revenge Of The Ninja" Starring Sho Kosugi, a true classic 80's Ninja movie. It's also my all time favorite Ninja movie. Every time I watch this movie it still takes me back to a time when movies were fun, action packed and simple. The 80's exhibited a lot of those kinds elements in the movies. This was no different. Sho, is one of my favorite action stars ever as well. 

You might have seen him as recently in 2009's "Ninja Assassin" Starring  South Korean Pop Star, Rain. Sho was a star in the movie and excited me with his performance, it took me back to the movies that I have loved him in since I was a child. In particular, the movie that I have noted here.

If you haven't seen this classic action movie, then you need to get your hands on it. The only thing, that I will say, about this movie for those that haven't seen it: Watch the final scene of the movie! 

If you grew up in the 80's and love Ninja movies, then you must watch this movie if you haven't already. In this movie, I saw what a real Ninja would and should look like in battle: Sho Kosugi, just look at the pictures. This was truly a childhood favorite and as a grown man, I love it even more! 

Sho also introduced the World to his son Kane Kosugi who turned out a great performance for his age at the time. He helped to make the story move along nicely too, as it was part of the revenge factor for Sho in the story line as well. 

Of course the line of the movie is the line above. It's the line I live by...what the :) But seriously, it's badass! Only one man could have said it with such a strong and believable delivery and that's Sho. I get chills everytime I see and hear that line. You know a war is about to happen between good vs. evil. 

Enjoy it when you see it for the first time or watching it for the thousandth time! If your not convinced by my love for this classic then here you go, I threw in this very convincing trailer for you as well!:

Now, on to the next note...Speaking of childhood favorites:


The Hilarious House Of Frightenstein growing up in the early 80's this show was my favorite. I would wake up so early to watch this show on a Saturday morning, that I would even watch the tail end of The Farm Report and if it was onthe 60's classic animated cartoon, Spider-Man, then this great show. 

Oh, before I continue with Hilarious House, I couldn't resist throwing in the opening of Spider-Man. Friggin' cool animated cartoon, with a equally cool opening!: 

Okay, let's get back to the point here. I would wake up and thoroughly enjoy this awesome show. It was a Canadian show from the 70's, so being that I love pretty much anything Horror related from the decade where I was born, this show appealed to me in so many ways.

When you talk about this show and how entertaining it was to watch and take in, you talk about the standout performances of Frightenstein such as the fact it was ahead of it's time for the 70's both creatively & visually. Just to name a few. The show was not scary, but it was in a Horror setting that for me made it more enjoyable. It was incredibly campy and humorous. As a viewer, there was never a dull moment with it's various segments for each episode.

But for the cult following of this landmark show, the most amazing back stories of this show was that it was a Canadian show that had the late great, master of Horror, legendary actor, Vincent Price as the featured host of the show.

But most amazing is that most of the characters on the show was played by the late legendary Canadian actor, Billy Van. What a performer Billy was. His performances of  10 characters on the show...10!!! is what made this show historic and him a legendary figure in acting. In my opinion, he was the show, the one man show. No Billy, meant no The Hilarious House Of Frightenstein.
* Billy Van * 

Billy Van played the following characters on the show:

Count Frightenstein

Bwana Clyde Batty

The Gorilla

Grizelda, The Ghastly Gourmet

The Librarian

The Maharishi

The Oracle

Dr. Pet Vet

The Singing Soldier

The Wolfman

Over the years, I have heard stories that Billy had a nervous breakdown from the stress of playing all these characters and pretty much being the anchor of this show. But what a true professional. He never let that show in his performances on the show.

You can see from his characters played above, that he went through extensive makeup and costume changes, but he left an incredible legacy as the show continues even since it's inception in 1971 until today, a real cult following.

For that, I say thank you Mr. Van. You truly made my childhood a lot more memorable just watching you and this great show.

There were other memorable characters on the show that helped to compliment Billy's performances. Here is a visual list of some of those great characters:

* The Hilarious House Of Frightenstein * 
Supporting Cast & Characters

{Played By Fishka Rais}

The Midget Count 

The Professor

Superhippy & The Mosquito
{Both Played By Mitch Markowitz}

* The Hilarious House Of Frightenstein * 
Various "Stars"

Brucie J. Monster

The Grammar Slammer Bammer
{Played By Joe Torbay}

{Played By Joe Torbay}

Harvey Wallbanger
{Played By Joe Torbay}


There were so many other little intricate elements to the show that were vital to the show's aura. Here you will find those elements listed in this great tribute website to the show here: 

In the show's initial run, there were 130 episodes in 1971 and was syndicated in the early to mid 1980's. Since then there has been a few DVD releases in various forms from various companies as seen below. It takes very little time to find online a reputable outlet to purchase & own this landmark Canadian Television show. You can also find it currently playing on Canadian Television from channels such as: Space, Drive-In Classics, TV Land Canada & MTV2 Canada.


The Hilarious House Of Frightenstein will forever be etched in the psyche of my childhood. It touched my heart and mind in a way that no other Canadian Television show has.

I watched this show in it's syndication airing on CHCH-TV where it originally aired. I watched wherever it was shown in the 80's and never forgot it. It was campy and fun with a Horror element which certainly appealed to me. 

From the moment you see Vincent Price in the outro with the candle, you know the 1 hour of fun is over...and it left you wanting more. For that, not only do I thank the show cast & crew, but I thank the creator & producer of the show, Riff Markowitz. You certainly gave me something from my childhood to cherish and hold dear to my heart forever. Thank you sir.

Unfortunately, that's the end of this note. Hope you enjoyed. But how can I leave off this note without including some clips that I found online from The Hilarious House Of Frightenstein, Enjoy!!!


Topps Fright Flicks another big part of my earlier years as a kid growing up in Rexdale, Ontario. Going to Albion Mall {nka Albion Centre} across the street from my building and making sure my first stop was the Smoke and Gift shop. Seeing there incredible merchandise of trading cards, magazines, stickers, candy, junk food and etc. I was always in heaven. Especially, when I saw all the Horror related merchandise in there including today's note: Fright Flicks.

Just as you see them above, that's what I saw on display. Whatever money that I earned as a kid I was taking my cash right to the Smoke & Gift shop in Albion and first staring at how awesome the display for the cards were.

Then I would pick up as many packs as I could afford {I grew up pretty poor, but had a blast with things like this to keep me happy}, then if I had enough, I would budget to get either a couple packs of  WWF Wrestling Cards or a handful of packs of Garbage Pail Kids.

Needless to say, I was totally in trading card heaven. My memories of that mall is a whole story in itself. But again this is about Fright Flicks. 

Horror movie trading cards with funny captions & facts or fiction on the back. Not to mention, the stick of gum that came with it as you chew on that while shuffling through the new pack. What more could anyone ask for with these cards? Really nothing because they were perfect in a otherwise imperfect World at that time for me. 

The cards were fun for a Horror movie fans as they were based off of select scenes from the popular 80's Horror movies of the time. The covers of each packages were something as well. Take a look below:

If you ever get your hands on a pack or two or an entire box, then I hope that you cherish them as I did when I had them. You can always search online or go to your local trading cards store. I know when I am ready to re-own these, where I am going for mine.

These will make for a great gift for the Horror fan in your family. They resonate with today's Horror fan as there from classic Horror movies. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. 


* Mixed Martial Arts: Dream Matches * 

Mixed Martial Arts {MMA} has 3 major Pay-Per-View quality fights that I have noted that the fans would love to see today. Whether it's UFC or Bellator or some other promotion that currently has these talents or look to eventually sign/re-sign.

Here, I provide irregardless of what's happening right now in both MMA & even Wrestling. With these match ups, I have the best interest of the business' bottom line and most of all the fans' best interests in mind.

So no politics and bullshit here, just have a look at what could be. When you read it and see the note, think about it. I am gone to the next note by the time you finish.

* Anderson Silva VS. George St-Pierre *

* Cung Le VS. Chris Leben *

As I said, irregardless of current statuses and records, these are matches that I know would make the MMA World and all it's fans excited to put down there hard earned money. As it's known: anything is possible!


In the fall of 2001, back when I was in my first week of a 2 year program at Centennial College in the Correctional Worker program, Vanessa Alleyne was a public speaker at the campus to speak to us.

Since young offenders and social work is apart of the job description as a worker in the field. She had arrived with her incredible story of incest and how the system had failed her but eventually found triumph from great people in the system that helped her reach that triumph.

When came to the college, she had everyone's year. She spoke fluently and very intelligently. You could tell this was a woman that commanded respect just from the sound of her voice. I was glued to the edge of my seat as I was super interested in what she said about her life and found a lot of similarities in her struggles to those of my own.

As a spectator of hers, I felt a strange connection to a great deal of her story. The glaring difference was that I have never been a victim of incest. But the biggest connection was that she was a woman of struggle that had no one to help her as she was shunned for standing up for herself.

She just wanted to be accepted and loved by those that should have been doing so unconditionally from the very start. As a man, I have gone through the same thing with various people in my life as well.

To go into greater detail, the connection I feel from her and her story is of  never having a family around, non-existent siblings, parents & siblings that treat you like you don't belong, always pushing you away, never helping you but always helping each other and so on.

Vanessa had, from what was described in her book, as people who should have been there for her enabling each other. Then found herself being weakened into feeling that she was crazy hence the title of her book. She needed help and never got it from her "family" especially her mother.

I found a lot of solace in the representation of her character as a strong person that came from nothing and had to fight through insurmountable odds. Another connection, I felt towards her having gone through and still go through til this day. She inspired me from the moment I heard her speak about her story. 

I remember, during the presentation there were some air headed girls in my class that were making snide comments. They were clearly not interested in what Vanessa had to say, I just looked at them with this look of disgust, if I said anything then it would have totally disrupted Vanessa. So those girls stayed quiet under protest. Everyone like me were totally focused on this incredible story of Vanessa's.

After the presentation and  Q & A period was completed we had a chance to purchase the book for a small fee of $10. I waited to go up to have the chance to talk to her. So when I went up there to talk to her after everyone had pretty much cleared out, I had the chance to talk to her and of course purchase her book.

She was very pleasant and easy going to talk too. I had told her something to the effect of I was totally interested in her story and couldn't wait to read her book. We had exchanged pleasantries and then our little conversation was over once she had thoughtfully signed my book with the following inscription:

"Changing Lives through the Sharing of Experiences and the gift of the written Word! V. Alleyne To: Jamie {My birth name} Keep on Listening"

When I finally read the book wasn't until a little 8 years later, when I finally had the chance to pick up the book and give it my total focus {wasn't much of a reader for those years despite being a book worm of sorts}. I was floored when I finally had the focus and time to read this unbelievable story. Below, I have enclosed a couple of the notes that I took down upon reading:

* "Pet" was her nickname In Trinidad {her official birth place, born in 1968}. This was important for me to note because she was treated throughout her earlier life as a thrown away abused pet that just wanted love and care.

* Pg.#148 - * {About The Children's Aid Society (CAS) }* "I believed that when the CAS had taken me into care, it's motives were good, but I felt cheated by it's failure to care for me properly. My situation hadn't called for me to be tossed into homes with children who had broken the law. More appropriate shelters should be made available for children from abusive environments. Their cases are special."

* Pg.#149 - " 'The only right thing is what is right for you Vanessa'. What makes you feel better in the long run is what is better for you', she answered."

The last note from the book there was really interesting because it was someone finally not treating her like she had to stay quiet or listen to what others were telling her about herself. There was only one person that knew right from wrong. It was herself.

I recommend picking up this great book. It's a very easy but hard hitting book. There is only 166 pages total and you won't put it down. In 1996, the book was published and it's a story that will let you in on how a woman struggled with being pregnant as of a result of her sexually abusive step father.

It's hard for me to write too much details about Vanessa's book because I don't want to give anything away. The story is worth seeking out online and purchasing the book {click on the title of this note and you will be taken to where you can purchase it}. It's well worth it. You also have to have a strong stomach because of what she describes very clearly in the book is pretty graphic as well.

31 Chapters written with a lot of truth and honesty. You can't deny when reading this book that the system is flawed but it takes a strong woman or man for that matter to over come and reach personal vindication.Get your hands on this tragedy to triumph true tell all.

Wherever you are now Vanessa, thank you for inspiring so many others to stand up for themselves and fighting instead of laying down and letting the World rip you to pieces. Much respect and love to you.


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* Until Next Time Everyone!!! *