Tuesday, 22 January 2013

* "Navarro's Notes' "Never Forgotten" 4Th Installment: Cannon Films *

The Cannon Group's Cannon Films, in the 1980's for me was the standard of movie production companies. They were producing or co-producing some of my favorite movies of that era such as: 

* Breakin'

* Cobra *


As you can see, these movies were classics. By 1980's standards of course :) The names that I always saw, in which, I will down the road talk in more detail about are:  

Menahem GolanYoram Globus or more commonly known as Golan-Globus. "The creative cousins" I like to call them. 

They were creative and producing machines. Menahem is in his 80's and Yoram is in his 70's today but back then they were the talk of the movie industry with all there ideas and The Cannon Group backing them. I am sure that if given the chance, the cousins can whip up a major feature film and make some good coin. 

Unfortunately, there is no Cannon Group/Films backing them because in 1993 after releasing there last film "Street Knight" they closed down. Over hyping movies that did not live up to expectations and financial woes, led to them eventually filing for bankruptcy, leaving behind a legacy that people like myself say:

* The Cannon Group & all it's films will Never Be Forgotten. * 


* Until Next Time, Check Back For More *