Tuesday, 8 January 2013

* "Navarro's Notes' "Never Forgotten" 2nd Installment: 4 All Spidey Fans! *

The 60's cartoon aired in the 80's as I was growing up in Rexdale. Sometimes the show aired really, really early. From what I remember, the show aired here in Toronto really early on Saturday, but like most kids growing up around that time, I was up to watch it and take in every moment of this classic show. Here's the first thing I saw when the show started:

I loved this cartoon. I loved everything about it. I always said that if I was born in the 60's when the show aired then I would've loved it just the same. I have mentioned before the fond memories of what I hold dear to my heart when it comes to my childhood. This was certainly one of those memories. The actual footage of the show was fairly grainy but it was part of the charm. They were airing the show 20 years or so after it's original run so hey what do you want :)

Watching the show, made me just realize how simple things can be with the show. It was straight forward, Spidey is the good guy with quick & witty barbs and catches bad guys who looked like they were moving action figures. End of the story. There was no special effects or crazy shit that you see today that strips your believability away. It was basic but it's what made it so classic and always enjoyable to watch 45 years after it's original airing. By the way, The Green Goblin was my favorite from the show :)

Now a days you can track down the show and all it's episodes and sit back to enjoy it. Here you can see some of the images that I have provided here and what you see is what you get:

* Spider-Man, from the 60's will Never Be Forgotten *


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